I love brown paper stuff. It’s the paper version of burlap I suppose.

I’ve discovered that the brown paper flowers can be used in all sorts of applications. Centerpieces and wall decor and Christmas ornaments.


Paper bags weren’t in abundance at my house so

upcycling went extremist when I grabbed the cat litter bag and used it to craft flowers.


There are two layers of brown paper beyond the colored bag covering.


I cut out scalloped edged circles in varying sizes from the bag.


Then I take the circles and twist, crumple and ruffle them while pinching the stem area.

And after placing smaller inside larger flowers, I poke a wire through the whole deal and twist.

Hot gluing them together is advisable even with the wiring.

Tada, brown paper flowers.

Last year at Christmas, I used them on the tree. I even dipped some of the edges in glue and glitter.

From Shalavee.com, brown paper flowers on a trellis/baby gate

But the best use of them was this wall piece I made from a baby gate. Sideways, it became a trellis and the ribbon a vine.


I ‘ve glued fabric rosettes between the “petals” and clustered them in purple plastic flower pots with mini sand bags inside as centerpieces for a fundraising event. And glued fall leaves I sprayed with polyeurothane for fall centerpieces in plastic pots too.

Dipping the paper flowers into plaster of paris or spray painting them may be other fun ways to manipulate them. But what I love the most is that they are a huge visual bang for no money. Love them. Even though they may smell like dusty clay cat litter.

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