It wasn’t so long ago that, no matter how much I had accomplished, my mind would would default back to all the things I’d not done yet. This looks like a list that is never complete and never feeling satisfied with the present. And it feels like a living nightmare. Seven years ago I discovered there was a bridge between that misery and joy.

Blame Capitalism

I’m certain everyone has been made aware of the general mania that surrounds capitalism and the Protestant work ethic. Your worth is reflected in all that you do. And the harder you work, the more successful you are, the more money you make, and the more accepted you’ll be. And certainly, that means increased happiness, right?

Nope. These beliefs we’ve been sold are lies. These lies only serve to contribute to inauthenticity, burnout, and depression. And sadly, even if we get really good at doing all the things all the time, it still doesn’t add up to happiness. I think we’re exhausted suffering from the indigestion of having continually swallowed these untruths.

Happiness comes when our hearts are peaceful and content, and we learn to appreciate what we already have. – Haemin Sunim –

Being Happy with My Present on Sha;lavee.comThe Solution

You’ve heard this already and it might sound silly. Mindfulness and being in the present erase the need for more. When we are present, we are calm and centered. We aren’t somewhere else in our heads like the past or the future. We can enjoy what is in front of us and what we’re engaged in doing much more. Being in the present is the kindest experience we can give ourselves as well as our children and all loved ones. Being present is what enough feels like to have enough.

We can honor our work and all that we value and those that we love daily by just seeing and being with it all. This was a lesson that I learned in the pandemic lockdown and one that I am always stepping back to see. If I only have a given few days remaining on this earth, I want to make double darn sure that I am present for the people I’m with and appreciating all that I have fought to create; my family, my home, and my life as it is right now.

In what moment of your day could you stop and be? Tell me true.


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  1. I very much agree with you but this knowing comes with a lot of work, not everyone actually grasps what you’re saying. I noticed that and find it interesting. I too am trying to stop and be here, now, much much more. Comes easier when I’m being creative or out in nature where there’s no technology to distract me 🙂

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