I recently watched an interview/chat between Oprah and Brene Brown on how joy is the most terrifying and difficult emotion. I watched it sitting Hello Kitty poolside and I was blown away by what I saw. Simply, those who live joyful lives are those who practice being grateful and present in their lives. Joy comes from gratitude. A belief that Now is Enough.

The same lovely woman who sent me this link, my marvelous therapist Kathleen, is also the one who gifted me with the knowledge that I am a seeker of the daily bad. Like rosary beads of anguish and anxiety, I seek out what’s bad in my day or my life or the moment and I hold onto it, rub it, collect it, and wallow in the misery and inevitable unhappiness that this sort of practice brings.

Eamon and Fiona in August 15 on Shalavee.com

These are two Ahas at either side of a bridge I’ve never seen until now. Happiness is being here, proactive, present, and accountable. Unhappiness is wanting anything other than now all the time and hoarding those feelings. And the ticket to moving back and forth over this previously unseen bridge is choice and possibly a little faith. As I’m turning around slowly to see, there are two women, nationally renowned for their spiritual and self-discovery work, telling me there’s a place on the other side of this previously unseen bridge to stand. A place of presence and Faith and I only need to know and believe it exists to strive for it.

Fiona on the edge from Shalavee.com


My journey mirrors theirs. I must brave my away across and leave stones behind for the unseeing to see that they might find their way too.

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  1. ‘Now’ passes all too quickly; but, this remains the most important moment. Being there …in sad and happy… stone gifts to be seen.. Thanks again for being there.

  2. It’s so easy to slip into the negative space — I’ve done it a million times.
    But when I consciously take the few moments to acknowledge my blessings or a simple positive thing, my whole world can change 🙂
    The effort does pay off but it does take some mindful work.

    1. Yes to the mindful work Jennifer as it turns out mindfulness takes practice and awareness. I can say that I am feeling the difference between how I used to be and how I am but it takes as long as it takes and you’re ready only when you are. Thank you as always for your support and thoughtfulness Jennifer.
      Love Ya’,

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