I am a half empty kinda gal. I see everything in my life as slightly bad. I see the clothing in my closet as too tight. I see my body as too white. I see my house as dirty and my furniture shabby. And my career as a big question I should have already answered. Perpetually half empty.

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Every day, I will think at some point of how my life sucks. And so it does. We live in the general bubbled feeling of what we perceive. With the not so good news streaming into our conscious minds, we perceive the world as dangerous and doom-filled. A disaster is surely awaiting us and so we gear up for the inevitable disastrous outcome with our cynicism and our lack of spontaneous joy. Deflecting joy is a common trick used by the most prestigious people.

But honestly, life is filled with houses full of inanimate objects and people wrapped up in their own perceived outcomes. We are the ones pumping meaning into our everyday and interaction. What if we had faith the outcome was going to be good? Then we’d manifest it as such. What if your outcome was already a given.

What we expect, we create. And we may need to very intentionally retrain our brains to not go to auto-know already predicting the outcome before there is an outcome. But rather, we could ask ourselves to be a little more creative about imagining our outcomes. Step back out of that negative brain rut and not only look at what’s going right in life and state our gratitude for such, but what possibilities are out there that we’ve not imagined. Because life can be generous with its gifts if we leave room for them. And surprises are awaiting those with the sight to see them coming.

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  1. I will soon rise from my comfortable bed and embrace the good life of a Monday morning in which I have enough. Thank you.

  2. Shalagh, reading your post may just have prevented me from jumping off a cliff.

    • I so get it Maureen. I am glad to have been here for you. Nasty stuff that negative thinking. Waste of time too.

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