The overcast grays, the rusty leaves.

You’d think the winter landscape was colorless. But there’s color in special places.

Startled eagle flying away from my truck on Winter color on

And then suddenly two bald eagles fly up from the side of the road, disturbed from their carcass feast as you drive by and you gasp as their beautiful large wings spread in front of your truck hood. So black and white and regal.

Aqua truck on Winter color on

A turquoise blue vintage truck parked next to a boat out of the water pops from my peripheral vision. Someone’s weekend life waiting to be reborn.

The little red outhouse on Winter Color on

A little faded red-painted outhouse with a wreath on it’s door beside the road. I think, what would Hollywood pay to move this treasure to a movie set.

Commemorative wreath in the bend in the road on Winter color on

And as I twist down the tree-lined lane to retrieve my daughter from her daycare house, I spot a bright oddly located floral wreath on a stand in the trees off to the right and realize this marks the place where someone dear and loved lost their life. Colorful is what you see when you look.


  1. Making some mighty pretty images there girl!
    Thank you.
    And I have been reading Make It Ugly, and teaching myself how to crochet.
    So far, I have made the work pretty ugly, pulled the stitches out, repeat, pull out, repeat… but I can feel my confidence building and the yarn feels more an more comfortable in my grasp.

    • No thank you Sue, knowing that you also out there thinking along these same lines, I have someone who I can compare notes with. I am not a crocheter. Or a knitter but many of the people following along with the project are. Put in the hashtag on Instagram and the page is full of these crafters. I’m saying, you are in good and plenty company.( Did you suddenly get a craving for candy coated licorice.)
      Love Ya’,

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