This month has been filled with moments of champagne clarity . Clear thoughts rising out of the din in amber sparkling bubbles to tickle my plans for the future. I’m excited and cherish the helpful moments of clarity.

But sometimes later, when it’s dark outside and I’m feeling tired and a little less than , I have a little hangover from my positivity. My pragmatic cynical hung-over side obscures the light and smokes up my mirror. And my clarity becomes muddled and my vision is slightly forgotten.

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I can distinctly remember a moment several years ago when I saw me. I saw clearly the chapters of my eventual book based on exactly who I was and all of my passions. And then it was gone. I may have written it down somewhere in one of my journals. But life kept going, rolling forward and my clarity soon landed at the murky bottom of my memory. Buried in a spiral ring binder in a box in the closet.

I crave to feel that champagne clarity again. The absolute knowledge and conviction that the goal and the steps are within my reach if I keep them on the top of the pile. The feeling of ease when your actions align with your spirit. The giddiness of heading into the next project excited and nervous because I know it is me to a tee. Feeling the faith that I am exactly where I need to be. And hopefully finally finding that perfect app that organizes my soul so I can stop feeling like I keep forgetting pieces of it.

Think big, be you, be well, let go.

I wish you all moments of Champagne clarity this weekend and on into the month and year beyond.

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