There’s a common theme that I have noticed with creative smart women. Many of us are tangled in guilt and shame around our fear to show up for ourselves and the world. As if we don’t have enough to worry about.


Where does this come from? The answer to shame game is always Fear.

Am I afraid of being found out for not living up to my potential?

Or am I afraid what will happen when I do?

Or is it all intellectual subterfuge so that I don’t have to really feel the fear?


No matter which answer you pick, you know you have magic to create from your truest self. It may feel like a longing, a craving, a pain in your heart. For me, I felt my inner child’s anger for not being allowed to play and be proud of herself for what she created.


I felt like I was dishonoring that child, neglecting her. It is a tight spot to be in to be faced with this shame or the shame of producing something that is lackluster and lame.


We forget that to be our own hero, we need to create from this frightened place and allow our truth to float out into the world. When we are bravely bad creators, others have permission to be so too. We are never judged by the people who truly know us. The bullies of the world don’t get to have the power to control our creativity if we don’t let them.


You have to practice bravery to let it become bigger. Risk the rejection over and over until you get prouder and bolder and louder. There is no shame in that game.


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