The fact is, they’re not really sure how this Covid-19 virus is actually spreading. Obviously from person to person, but is it the breathing, sneezing, touching and transferring, or just plain smashing it into your face with your unwashed hands that’s spreading it ?

So maintaining physical distance would be helpful for a couple of these transference methods.

we need to call it physical distancing not social on shalavee-staging-1.local

However, in a time when we can not get our physical needs met for handshaking or hugging from friends and neighbors, more than ever we need to be compensating with increased social interaction. We have denied this aspect of our humanity for too long and it’s feeling more like need than a want in these isolation days.

We are not going to contract anything from someone standing six feet away making eye contact and smiling. That’s what we should be seeking to know that we are not alone. We should be sharing our stories, our senses of humor, and our grief with one another to confirm that we are not alone. We need to feel a part of a larger community to cope with our isolation better.

So if you find yourself out walking and someone is passing you, or you see your neighbor, take a moment to respectfully ask how they are, make eye contact, and make sure you ask their name. Be the mirror you wished others would be for you. Keep your distance but make it physical not social distance. I think we’ve had enough Social Distance to last a lifetime.

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  1. I and hubby went out on Saturday, the weather was nice we decided it would be good to walk by the river. It was nice, we had fresh air and a little bit of exercise. Very stressful at the same time, some people were rude, like crossing to another side of the road, turning the faces, while we had enough space to keep the 6 feet apart. We could observe that few folks were much rude when they saw a senior or kids approaching. So, yesterday when hubby asked me if I’d like to walk outdoors I said NO, we can walk in our backyard. 🙂

    1. Except here’s the thing, that’s just their weird fear coming our. Compassion for them allows them to make those choices and it won’t be personal. You and your husband deserve those lovely walks to smell and hear nature. It’s a matter of perspective and killing it with kindness. Go out of your way to yell hello and wave! That would make it funny instead.
      Think about it and get back to me.
      Thank you for showing up for me Elizabeth!

  2. Talking to everyone I meet from a distance. Did just read an article this morning about passing the virus via aerosolization. Of 60 people who showed up two weeks ago for choir practice at a church in Washington state, 45 now have it.

    1. Wow Maureen, that seems a pretty good indication. Supposedly if I sneezed, 10 feet would be the drop to the ground point for the virus. I find the mistrust of our fellow humans heartbreaking now.
      Thanks and much love to you now.

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