People are exhibiting some weird fear behavior right now. Fight or flight stuff playing out at the stores across the world. Here in Maryland, the virus has worked it’s way into the state so much that the Governor has put everyone in a timeout for now. We’re to stay at home, Damnit, except for food. And while I’m glad I don’t have to deal with throngs of panicked people, I still had to venture out for groceries today. How do we think in a way that allows for our and others’ humanity in times of crisis. How do we not take it personally?

I Feel Your Fear on

I have often said, when I act like a jackass, it’s usually because I’m acting from my fear. And when I have been wronged by someone, it’s probably for the same reason. Yet somehow we forget, or deny, that we are not the only one being puppet-mastered by our emotions, our hormones, and primitive brain. And when we’re scared, we often make the most dreadful unkind and hurtful choices. How do we forgive people for their misbehavior? How do we allow ourselves to be human?

I think the only response to anyone who may have tossed unkind behavior or words my way, is to say,”I feel your fear (friend)”. And repeat it.  I acknowledge that you are feeling fearful and perhaps I am too. We are all in this together despite how personal it all feels. I feel your fear. Forgive yourself for acting like a selfish arse and do something extra kind to compensate for it.

Much love and compassionate virtual hugs for everyone today.

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