Keep Safe and Keep Walking on

Besides wanting to fight off the extra pounds that will be attempting to attach themselves to my butt during this plague season, the reason that I exercise regularly is so that I can sleep harder and better. It’s good to alleviate stress and get me away from my family who is getting on my nerves and, Yes, I know it’s good for my heart and essentially will allow me to live longer to see my kids grow up. But I hate not sleeping well. It’s a waste of downtime.

Keep Safe and Keep Walking on

But with the recent restrictions piling up about keeping distance away from people, we all start to think that we need to stay inside where it’s “safe”. In fact, when I went out walking, I found it equally odd that people refused to meet my gaze. You know you can’t get this virus by eye contact right? I began to question if exercising was verboten and banned as well and we were exercisers were all guilty of some crime.

Keep Safe and Keep Walking on

Then I came across this article today on Medium titled This Is the Exercise Your Body Needs During the Coronavirus Outbreak written by science writer Christie Aschwanden, which spoke to the exact issue of exercise. I’m sharing what I read to empower everyone out there who values exercise as much as I do. (As for those who don’t really want to exercise, I wonder whether they’re just happy to have an excuse not to have make any more effort than obsessively worry about the end of the world.) Seems that we need to alleviate our stress with exercise.

“In this time of danger and uncertainty, we all need to engage in self-care, and exercise is one of the best tools we have to keep ourselves well.”

Keep Safe and Keep Walking on

You can exercise outside while still adhering to social distancing guidelines. Even under California’s “shelter-in-place” order, going outside for a walk or exercise is allowed, as long as you keep six feet apart from other people. No matter where you live, whether walking, running, or cycling, if you come upon another person on your path, move away to maintain a distance of at least six feet as you pass. Avoid touching things like jungle gyms, parcourse equipment, or gates that could have come into contact with someone carrying the novel coronavirus.”

And PS, speaking with people, as in saying “HI!” and “How are you?” is actually a considerate thing to do when you walk by someone, even 6 feet apart. And making eye contact and smiling is always the respectful way to meet people. So many people need hugs right now and smiling and acknowledging people is a way of giving mental hugs out without touching.

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  1. Amen! My sentiments exactly. When I was out with Lily yesterday, I felt like we were guilty of something. Like we wearing the Scarlet letter or a big capital C.

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