We Have to Redecorate Eventually

I stormed into owning my house with aspirations of decorating greatness. Although I did eventually touch every wall and every inch of woodwork with paint in my 2000 square foot house (minus the basement and attic), now some of my renovations are in need re-renovating. As in I’m so over whatever crazy decorating thing I did 15 years ago and I need to change it again.

The front hall has been a thorn in my side for a while. Check out this post from last year’s October month-long post-athon. The dining room , my bedroom, the bathroom all have that lackluster feeling of out of date-ness. And I realize that our lives and our houses aren’t too different in this way. We have plenty of thoughts and assumptions that need renovating too. Ways of living and seeing that no longer fit or serve us. Thoughts we think that substantiate actions we hate.we have to redecorate eventually on

Our first job is to say, “Gee, I don’t feel good when I’m here, in this room, this thought, this mode.” This is a mindfulness mode. It’s just stating what we feel about something we are living in. And the next time and the next time we state this idea, we’ll be headed toward the concept that perhaps we need a little renovation. Now I know we get stuck with the “But I need the reno to be perfect and what will other people think?” But they don’t have to live in it/with it, you do. You live in your house. You live in your life and you abide by your life’s guidelines.

People will think you look a lot happier since you renovated that room. That you are no longer shy to have them over and show off your new room. The same for your new thought process. Because if you renovated your thoughts to be more true to you, to honor those things you believe in and love to be, it will show. Being around you will be like standing in a newly renovated entrance hall.we have to redecorate eventually on

So to that note, I am making plans to renovate my front hall. Again, see this post. It represents me, the first sight of who I think I am and want you to see. It is also bumming me out in its current state. And I’m hoping that the renovation bug will catch on and maybe a few other rooms will catch it.

Meanwhile, I’d love to hear what you, yes you, are thinking needs changing. A thought process that no longer serves you like guilt or shame? A room that makes you feel bad when you enter it and why? Let me know and we can all feel inspired by you.

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