On two occasions recently, I was gifted these words :”We all feel this way.” And it struck me so profoundly that I thought I should share this in case you too were feeling a little like “no one will understand” and “I’m the only one”.

I know we all think that we’re the only ones. In fact, some say that addicts feel they are “terminally unique”. The entitlement to our “unique” pain fuels our self-hatred and our loneliness. It both defines us and outcasts us. And gives us cause to assuage our pain with our many pain reducing choices of addiction.

We All Feel This Way on Shalavee.com

I told my friends that I didn’t always feel so certain about what I knew and wanted and that everyone should believe me when I often have doubts about where I’m standing and what I’m really doing. And my friend said,”We all feel that way.” And I believed her. My doubts are not a deficit but a human commonality and do not detract from the legitimacy of anything I say or believe. I know what I know and yet I don’t know it all. That’s OK.

We All Feel This Way on Shalavee.com

So I was killing some time cruising through a thrift store. I put my hands on a very soft nice pair of pants that were in my size and a size I no longer wished I was in. I commented to the lady who took my money that I felt aggravated at buying this size (and that perhaps the only way to move forward is to accept where we are now). And the woman said, “We all feel that way.” Sadly, we women often bemoan our aging and plumping, our metabolic slowdown making us cushions for our grandchildren. Our humanity is our commonality.

I do believe that many of us feel the same about our bodies changing and there’s always a comfort in knowing we are not alone. I would never wish suffering on others but we might as well find comfort in knowing each other’s grief is similar And if we want to change where we are, we need to find the support or an account-a-bili-buddy for our new plan so that we can feel we have the power to hedge our own bets against mother nature slowly. And know we’re not alone in doing so.

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