I saw a gentleman at church who I’d not seen in a while. And I remarked that it is the nature of us as people to come and go, to join and disappear. It’s a sad but true fact sometimes. People come and they go.

There are so many groups that I am a member of on Facebook. Groups for bloggers and mamas and creatives and who knows what else. But I am not there anymore. There was a purpose for them in my life and now there isn’t. It’s a sad but true fact. People come and they go.

People come and they go on Shalavee.com

We move on. Our circles expand and contract. We shift communities with schools and jobs and interests. It would be nice to stay in touch with many of these people who’s company we really enjoyed but their lives were shifting too. Our shifting is inevitable.

As humans we sooo want everything to stay the same. We want comfort and continuity and constancy. But the only thing we can count on is the flux. And the only way we can not lose ourselves to it is to be here now. Be with our people with all of ourselves and show up for them and keep connected with them.

And when they leave, know that it’s their lives that they are living or letting go of. They need to persue what makes them happy and we need to wish them luck in the hopes they would do the same for us.

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