As you may know, my love of decorating, design, and DIY is deep. I’m a visual voyeur to more than a few design blogs. Whether I found her by Pinterest or by blogroll ( a ‘who I like’ list on the sidebar of a blog), there’s one gal who’s work and projects I like and respect a great deal. She has a young blog, like me, and she  shines brightly.

Sarah M. Dorsey Designs is the blog of Sarah M. Dorsey, a designer, artist, and DIY-er who means business when she  plays around. And I pleasantly discovered recently, she comes from the  state of Maryland where I live here on the East Coast of the US.  She now resides on the West coast with her husband and dear little dog Annabelle.

Tour her home and you immediately know her clean design sensibility. Although her style is slightly more modern than mine, she’s someone whose tastes I can appreciate. She’s watching the trends and putting her own twist on them. This stencil that she created is really lovely. There’s a pattern overload in the design world and it’s getting harder and harder to see one I really like. When I say I like this, I’m saying something.

As soon as I found her blog, she grabbed my attention with this attempt at a rope lamp, inspired by another creation she’d seen. I so wanted to see her succeed because this was too cool. And she did, DIY style.

Her thrift scavenger hunt brought her home with this nasty American hallway light. And she transformed it into this amazing piece. The DIY for this bad boy is specific and I have no doubt could be followed to fab results.

Her tips on tools and supplies are spot on. I had not thought about using a drying extender in my furniture paint to banish brush strokes! Nor did I know there was a sticky enough tape to actually keep the paint from bleeding as she created this DIY jute rug from a Danny Seo runner with her own chevron/herringbone pattern.

I too have a jute rug and want to do something similar. Now I have the knowledgeable tips to feel like I may succeed in my attempt. If only I could find a pattern I want to live with for a while.

Thank you Sarah Dorsey for showing us what you’re compelled to do and do well. I appreciate your efforts immensely. And feel infinitely more empowered to Do It Anyway.



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  1. Shalagh, I like her taste, too. Maybe she could put her touches on my house since she’s on the West coast. Sometimes, I wish I could just go away for a weekend and come home to a complete transformation. Wouldn’t that be nice?

    1. My husband said he thought her geometrics were organic. And Hallelujah sister. I’d take my house being attacked by a design fairy over an all expense paid trip to somewhere. And that’s no joke. Because when you come home, that’s where you still end up. And other people’s cooking and designing are always better.

    1. It’s super cool huh? I think we’d all surprise ourselves whatever we would put our minds to. It’s the part where we put our minds to it that poses the initial roadblock. If I had enough money, I’d hire the village to do everything when I’d tried and failed. Or wasn’t inspired to try. Like hanging drywall. Thanks so much Hana for showing up here.

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