Now that we have a kid, I am ever in search of the penultimate activity to suit the seasonal holiday we’re in. Each fall, I command the task force for the retrieval of pumpkins and the resulting carve-fest. But I have yet to find a pumpkin patch that satisfies my every fall entertainment need. In my ideal fall scenario, I foresaw a corn maze, pumpkins, and a few other activities to fill our perfect fall family day. But this year, I hit the motherload.

I heard my friend was taking her daughter to a place called Fifer Orchards, 45 minutes northeast of us just outside of Dover, Delaware in the Camden/Wyoming, DE. area. And I said, what the heck. The website showed a slide and it mentioned hayrides and Fall Fest days. We had picked this past Saturday as ‘the day’. Joined by my mother-in-law Mary, and Gladys,  the talking map mode of Mark’s Droid, we headed to our destination. We could never have imagined the mind-blowing fun our kid would experience.

There was the slide and a corn pit, an alternative to a sand pit but with lots of loose corn kernels. There was a hay bale chamber for a huge beach ball volleyball game in which Eamon spent a half hour bonding with his crew. And a five acre corn maze, excellent live music, swings, good food, and produce, apples, and pumpkins galore. He held a bunny, played pumpkin bowling and checkers, and had a woman paint a black snake with flames on his cheek.  And held tight to a bar coasting down a zip line. The only activity we didn’t do was the hay ride. We were physically and financially tapped by then.

My kid had nearly four hours of nonstop fun ending with ice cream and a bouncy ride which he gave thumbs down to because they had too many rules about not doing things inside. I guess the parents signature and all information short of our insurance info was probably an indication of that. Otherwise, Fifer Orchards was worth every loving penny.

Fifer Orchards’ motto, ‘From Our Lands to Your Hands’ was pretty hip. And even more impressive was the extremely happy and helpful staff of mostly younger people who took care of us. As I was leaving the zip cord area, I told the boys that I was impressed at their enthusiastic “Good jobs” every time they helped the  little kids land. I could tell they meant it and I let them know they were doing a good job too.

Mary, Mark,  and I got to watch our boy enjoy himself all afternoon.  And we walked away with fresh apple cider, our bellies full of  some pretty fabulous chicken from Abbott’s Grill, and three big pumpkins as well as the mini ones they give you for admittance.

I got what I needed and so did my son if his record bedtime passing out time was any indication. And I’ll guarantee we’ll be going back next year. Check out Fifer Orchards’ website here.

Now it’s time to decorate.

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