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In order for the universe to recognize my blog, I am forced to do strange things. There’s cutting and pasting and posting. So this is the latter so that others may enjoy my blog on bloglovin’, a feed that you subscribe to and can read all of your favorite blogs in one place. Technical stuff, ecchh.

I do apologize if I’ve interrupted your day for this and promise to bring better stuff to your email box. Like a video I keep promising. Yup, I shot the house tour video. But sshhh, you’re the only one who knows.

Talk atcha tomorrow.

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  1. What?! Are you creating a new blog? I will have to go check it out. How’s your new year going? I’m trying to redo my blog. It’s slow going. I can’t seem to make up mind what I want. So, I know these transitions can be hard. Best of luck!

    1. Ha, not creating a new blog, having to do stupid technical hings like link my blog to Google Analytics and Bloglovin’ by pasting things in places. I find this one particularly annoying. To “claim” my blog, I had to shove that in the top of a post and publish.Go to Bloglovin’ and see what I mean. Waste of a pretty post with that gobbledigook but whatcha gonna do?
      And yes, I’m going to be overhauling my site too. My feeling is whatever you do won’t be perfect so just do something. The back end will look the same. But you can make the reader’s navigation better.
      Good Luck to you too.

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