I attempt to push a little beyond my comfort zone as often as I am inspired to do so. Challenging myself  to grow is one of my “things”.  And I think am not alone. There’s a gal who had an idea for a project. Her post on her blog this heart of mine was inspirational.

I am accepting her invitation, along with a group of other women, to be a part of the Bold Brilliant Beautiful You project.

Instead of wishing for change, I am making the choice to create the change and joining a community of people with the same purpose. By using the hashtag #boldbrilliantbeautiful on Instagram, Flicker, and Twitter to find the others involved, we intend to connect, support one another, and accept whatever we’re dishing up this year without judgment. I am already committed to a process (blogging) and I really like the idea of not having to go it alone. To post my posts as if shouting to an empty room. To stick my neck out and know perfection isn’t necessary.

For me, Bold is about risks. Setting goals and mapping them out. And then following the map to accomplishment. Bettering my skills. Reaching out to the unknown (especially when it scares me),to  other people,  and asking for their help. Big.

Brilliant is me being crafty, clever, and shining while doing my best and letting go of the pesky rest. I want to follow whims and oversee my to-do’s in a way that actually works. As well as taking that blog ‘o mine to the next level. I want to believe that my creativity is worthy of your admiration and mine.

Beautiful is letting my inner beauty come out into my environment, my art, and my consciousness. Taking care of my body and my soul. And about gratitude for the lovely little people who give me such joy.

I am posting my last selfie to Instagram and reaching out to the unknown. Declaring my intention with the picture of me and the project’s name.  And am hoping I will better know myself and a bunch of other women by the end of the year. If I am in need of permission, I have found a place to receive it ten fold. A community awaits me with support and acceptance. Thank you y’all.

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      1. And you are an inspiration to me for the generosity and tenacity of your spirit. Love you much and so happy to have seen and held Noah.

    1. Funny what a little group support and accountability can help you get up to. On behalf of us joiners, Thank you so very much Amy for your creativity.

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