What is that in her hand? She just put it in her mouth”, my husbands says.

“Oh, it looks like a cat toy”, I say.


You mean the thing that the cat has drooled on with his lick-butt cat mouth?”, he says.



I’m just not as fussy as he is. Sacrifices are made for baby distraction.

She really likes the little jingle bell on the end of the tail.


You know the one that potentially could pop off and she could choke on?

Does it count that I did pulled on it really hard to make sure it didn’t come off easily?

I always say, “What doesn’t kill ’em makes ’em stronger”.


  1. Wow! Look how big she’s getting! Well, you know what they say. Children who grow up with pets have stronger immune systems. Fiona is a cutie. She looks very busy!

    • Yes Amy, she’s huge, she’s busy, and her immune system will be kick butt for the lick butt cat toys. Thanks for making this comment possible.

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