Three weeks in to Weight Watchers and I’m definitely lighter. According to their scale, I’ve lost 3 pounds in the first two weeks. And my scale at home says it’s more. And I was elated and hopeful until I wasn’t. And here’s what I’m thinking.

We all supposedly have a happiness set point. We can never dip down into depression or sale up into ecstatic oblivion before we settle back to what we believe to be comfortable. I was happy and hopeful and my size 12 pants were fitting. But then I started to look at how not far that really was. And how when I bloated up, I was feeling like I was back to where I was. Because I can be the queen of not going for a while (it’s supposedly a Virgo thing). And if I looked at the scale one day after I’d exorcised I was well below 160 pounds. But then another day I was back up above.

See how we do this to ourselves? We measure our worth by numbers ! Especially when we’re doing a weight loss program that will give us our money back if we lose a specific number, 10 pounds, in two months. I found myself panicking after this weekend’s birthday party. Because we derailed and were just fine with that. And my brain stumbled, so happy that for one day I was free of counting and budgeting what I put in my face. Like the good old days…when I gained this weight. Ahhhh.

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So that is where my brain has bounced just in the last several weeks. Thought I should keep you apprised. I need to keep the faith which of course I will anyway. And no doubt that I will lose this ten pounds. Mark the show off has already lost his. Sigh. Men lose it easier for some reason. And I’m happy for his hope and his personal revelations. I can’t say I’m enjoying the empty tummy feeling I have more often but I’m not panicked I’m gonna die. And the truest theory is that, as a woman, your weight can fluctuate 5 pounds in a week depending on cycles and such. That’s just the way it is. But hey, I’m fitting into my Capri pants too so I’m actually looking forward to breaking out the Summer wear and who knows, this might just be the year for a brand new bathing suit!

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