This past week was one of those weeks. My month has already been a little tough with a self-imposed everyday blog posting schedule. Eamon started clarinet which has us driving him to school before 8am on Thursdays. And then Mark’s schedule was extra demanding as he was gone before light and returned after dark for almost two weeks straight. Then it blew up.

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A virus going around at Fiona’s daycare had us thinking that was the cause of Mark’s fever. But he was cooking a pretty good case of walking pneumonia. And when three days of fever passed and the puss in both lungs began to press into his heart, his heart began to race and wouldn’t stop. I drove him to the hospital on Tuesday. They pulled his heart rate back down and administered antibiotics and we began to wait for him to get better.

Every test they could muster proved his heart was good and remained unharmed. And I held the fort down. The blessing was that the children were used to Daddy being gone so they weren’t too freaked out at his absence. I took the kids to see him on Wednesday which was his birthday. And then Fiona and I returned the next day to cheer him up.

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We all did well and I began to give myself little atta girls for all the little accomplishments I achieved. If I got to somewhere on time. Or organized childcare or made dinner as I’d planned, I felt good. And everyday, I kept it going, kept posting, kept my mind, kept the children clean and fed. Just driving through the wreck. When’s the best time to do anything? Now. Now’s the time to create, write, tell them you love them, and finish what you started. Do it Now.

He came home a day sooner than I had anticipated and he’s really doing very well. I am kinda proud of how a five-day stint at the hospital got folded into our lives with minimal damage. Except maybe creating my desperate need to have some alone time and catch up on my stuff. And a bit of tension that is my frustration and anger at his disregard for his health.

I suppose this is one of those rough patches you weather in a marriage. You take it as a preview for things to come. Or things to avoid. I’m thinking it should make you more grateful for the moments you have everyday which I usually am most days anyway. And hopefully it makes our family a little stronger as it reminded me who our friends are. I am kinda bowled over at all the support I had from my online communities. They were the real deal there with well wishes coming to me from all over the globe. You don’t have to do it alone. And I no longer intend to do that. My husband and my community and my world are beloved to me and my children are lucky to have all of this too.

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    1. No one better to do the job of taking care of my life but me. Right Jennifer? I hope he’s wiser because I would hate for this to have meant nothing. As for doing anything, I might need your help talking me into some stuff.

  1. So glad to hear Mark has recovered and is home again! You really are amazing, Shalagh, holding down the fort AND posting to your blog and Instagram too – daily! Whew! Hope you have a creativity break this week – all to yourself!!

    1. Ha, thanks Dawn. I will be playing with flowers come Saturday so I’m looking forward to that. The blog posts are creative endeavors (I haven’t forgotten your query for process) but they feel mandatory and not quite as sinfully flowful as creating art art. That’s what I really long for is that color play time. The fitting together and the random assembly of my unconscious rendered in shapes and color as opposed to words.
      But yes, thank you for the acknowledgement because it’s a bigger thing if you are online and know what it takes.

  2. Shalagh, so very proud of you!!! And happy to hear that Mark is on the mend and that the kiddles have successfully weathered this trying time. 22 yrs as a military wife proved to me that I am much stronger than I give myself credit for. I think, in general,that women will rise to any occasion and deal with adversity as best they can—multitasking all the way!!! Wishing all of you the very best!!! PS Eamon looks so very handsome and competent with clarinet in hand!!! My cousin, Maura, played for many yrs. I have crap lungs, so could never master a woodwind, bad manual dexterity, so no go on piano or guitar. For my 60th Bday, I requested a drum set. Rapidly approaching 69 and still waiting—is my family trying to tell me something??? Do have a tambourine and maracas—so can still make quite a racket!!! I am women—hear me roar!!!

    1. Oh thank you so much for your wonderful comment Valrae. I agree we are strong but the stress of change is stressful. At least acknowledging it allows for movement past it. As for the drums, I’m not sure why you haven’t gone and bought yourself some. Ahem. My sister does that soul drumming they do in circles. And she has a gong and other percussion and does sound healing. So much to explore there.
      Thank you so much for your support and care. Love to you and yours from me and mine.

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