I finally made it happen. Moments before I rushed my husband to the hospital, I videotaped the house tour video. And here it is.

I had felt a need to switch my dining room and living rooms before my birthday party in September. It also coincided with the Creativity Bootcamp starting up in October. Best way to get ye’ olde inspirational juices flowing is to shove around that feng shui. And to feel jazzed because you did it with the stuff you already had.

And I found that I liked the new arrangement pretty darn well. Better use of at least the space we are now calling the Living room that we dine in. That is until Christmas when I’ll want to rearrange everything to revolve around the tree. After my quandary of the redecorating of the front hallway,  you’ll get to actually see that space.

I have had a cold for a little while so you’ll hear that. And I do apologize for not turning on the lights here and there. I hope you don’t trip on anything. Enjoy!

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  1. Thank you for the tour! Old houses are a challenge, but as an enthusiast of vintage things, to me worth the effort. Right now, painting kitchen cabinets and walls. I am not a beige person ..

    1. I am not a beige, or even white person Carm. The trick is not to overthink but to go with it. The wall I pointed to and mentioned taking out was infact added at some point and I can see the columns and little balustrade that were at each end of the room acting as thought walls. That’s the stuff that I’d like to have back. Although I’m glad to have the giant picture windows that are unoriginal because Light!!

      1. I would find a way to whack that wall out. More open space !!’ Our house was like a rat maze when we bought it. Downstairs bathroom was sunken, as is falling into the basement. Walls did not extend to the ceiling. Green shag carpet. Giant ick. It was so liberating ripping that crap out! I can be quite fearless = able to walk off a cliff. πŸ™‚

  2. Amazing how hearing your voice makes you seem completely different!

    Also, I just went to an amazing old house yesterday, and they used quilt covers as chair covers, which looked great! so you arent’ alone in using different things for chair covers…I use blankets, sarongs, whatever!

    1. That’s so interesting about hearing my voice. In what way am i different I wonder. Oh I could so be all about the quilt covered chairs. I like old world, new way.

  3. Hi Shalagh, thanks so much for showing me around, I feel as though I’ve really just been over for a visit!
    Yours is the sort of house that I have only ever seen on TV, even though I have visited the States I’ve only been to the west coast and this house style is not common around the places that I visited. It feels so cool to now know someone who lives in a TV house πŸ™‚ Yes, I know it’s a bit childish but hey – bootcamp can do that to a girl πŸ™‚
    I didn’t trip over anything and I cleaned my shoes before I came in. I love your house, the porch is so big although I get what you said about the high ceiling there. Your home is so light filled that it must feel lovely to live in.
    I wish you and yours health and happiness to enjoy your lovely home πŸ™‚

    1. Ha Miriam, I live in a TV house, that’s funny. It’s more like a dilapidated cottage that has been made to look like a tv house. My wood floors are dirty, we have horse hair plaster walls. And the floor slopes toward the water. I love that you cleaned your shoes before you came in. More than I do. Thanks for your visit. So happy you stopped by!
      Love to you and yours from me and mine,

  4. Thank you for the tour Shalagh…it was really a delight to step inside those lovely grand old front doors.Your home is so light filled and cared for really a lovely welcoming space. The porch also, very very inviting to sit a while and watch all the comings and goings.

    1. You are welcome into my house anytime Karenkelly. Funny how you say it’s light filled when I forgot to put the lights on. Maybe I like it au naturale. There’s a courthouse across the street from me, a church nextdoor, a bed and breakfast now on the other side, and a major road out front. Definitely a porch to see stuff from. Thanks again for stopping by.

  5. Hi Shalagh! Fellow Creativity Bootcamper here. I LOVED your house tour AND your blog! Such a lovely feel to both. You’re eclectic style lovely – love your new dining room, your sinks, and your kitchen is gorgeous. Fair play to you, with this blog too – you have really inspired me as I have been thinking of doing one for myself. Hats off to you and thanks for the inspiration!!!! xxv

    1. I love that you loved it Valerie. And thank you for your compliments. My blog has been slightly neglected designwise as I discover who I really am and what I’m really all about. Eclectic is definitely my style. Blogs aren’t really that hard to do. It’s our Whys that are muddly. If you made one, I’d follow you and read you! The hardest part is writing through the silence. So thank you for not being silent and giving me such wonderful compliments and inspiration as well.

  6. I really enjoyed that Shalagh, I have probably passed by your home hundreds of times and always wondered what magic you have worked inside. I was not disappointed. I was a frequent shopper at your boutique and was I mistaken in recognizing some of the items in your boutique now in your home?
    I miss that little boutique!!! Thank you for the virtual tour.

    1. Oh I know you loved my store Bernice. I loved it. That’s why it was devastating when I had to close her down. I’ll bet there are a few items that came home to stay. The hall piece and the bar I think were there. Thank you so very much for your ongoing enthusiasm for my endeavors. It means the world to me. And I do hope to see you in person one day soon and chat a bit!

  7. Thank you for another lovely tour, Shalagh! Your home is creative and warm, and I wish our Instagram peeps could all meet in your dining room that you live in – after visiting with you in the kitchen as you cook πŸ˜‰ and then sitting at that gorgeous dining table. Nice camera handling and commentary too! (it feels a bit eerie knowing that then your hubby came home in distress, but I’m glad everything is okay again!) xo

    1. Yes I want that party Dawn! Thank you for your compliments which are helping to insure that there’s more touring in the future. Because the upstairs is yet to be seen save in the Fiona’s room reveal and random pictures of the craft room. It didn’t freak me out as much as make me proud as I knew I’d gotten something of my own accomplished before I was back into caretaker mode.
      Love to you,

  8. Your home is magical, Shalagh. Full of treasures and artful expressions. Every time I’m over, I see something I hadn’t seen before. Love this home tour, and so glad that everyone is home happy and healthy. xoxo

    1. Thank you for stopping by my lovelyfriend. Am crossing fingers and toes for you this Wednesday that you will have a new playground/home soon.

  9. Well,Shalagh, I finally was able to stop by for that visit, let’s say we shared a cup of tea and looked at your waterfront thru the trees. Love your home and what you’ve done. How sweet to switch your living/dining areas. Such fun to think outside the box. I love old stuff, repurposed stuff and stuff. I think we could be friends in the real world. Glad your husband’s scare was just a scare and everything is ok. ‘See you’ back on instagram and TKSV

    1. How happy I am that you stopped by Peg! We are kind of enjoying the reshuffled energy of the house. Except the dining room light needs wrangling as we’ve now bumped our head on it. I saw your sink in your kitchen. Love of vintage is such a thing. Where do you live? Thank you so very much for your visit. I enjoyed hearing about our time spent sitting and relaxing. I miss that time.

  10. The only disappointment (and I already knew it wouldn’t be but I hoped anyway) was no Irish brogue. What a fantastic home! There is so much life & living in it and so many treasures here & there. It’s a home that folk live in not a museum where pieces are shown and seldom used. I might find myself lost wool gathering at the sink with all that light and lovely!
    Thanks for inviting me in. I loved the visit.

    1. Oh Shannon, I’m so very glad you finally stopped by. Ha to the Irish brogue. I don’t think I could do a very good imitation without revisiting Ireland. No museum here. No plastic covered couches. Just cat shredded chairs and rugs. And kid scribbles on the walls. And a settling in to the space with what I have. Next time I’ll put some coffee on and bake something.
      Love Ya’,

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