Eamon came home from a playdate and proudly announced that the Mom had allowed them to use some bad words. I was curious since I know she’s been taking her children to a Catholic church. So I queried the vocabulary in question.

He said, “Wee wee and pee pee. And dumb, holy, and crisis“. I thought I would bust out laughing.

Someone once told me their kid knew the big bad word. It was Ship. God forbid you have a crisis on the ship if the head is occupied and you need to wee wee. That could be a cause for crisis.

And that’s one of the ways you know you’ve got good kids. The other verboten words at our house? Stupid. There are far better ways to express this sentiment. Bored. I’ll give you something to do. And hiney because I think it’s an ugly word.

And then we let our kid watch a Star Trek movie the other night. And just like when we watched Who Framed Roger Rabbit, you don’t remember the “bad” words until there’s a child there with you. And they used every one of those throw away “bad” words. We just ignored it.

We figure if he wants to ask us about them, he will. This is the kid who asked me what ‘diabolical’ and ‘reign’ meant while we were checking out at the Food Dog. So watch your language. Or at least be creative.

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  1. Bad words are the forbidden. I find after they say them a few times, they are far less fun. I think it’s funny when they don’t quite get it right and use them them in an interesting way!

    1. You’ve even posted a “kids say the darndest things” post. It was “Crisis” that made me want to laugh the hardest. I think I will now use that when I’m in crisis. Thanks for reading Amy. Next up, the blogaversary post.

  2. Frosted walnuts! Cheez and crackers! These are actual “curses” I heard out of my dear father-in-law’s mouth. But my new all time favorite is “crisis”! Bee-youtiful.

  3. “Crisis” Oh my god, I”m with the others, I won’t be forgetting THAT one for a long time!!!!

    I have been so lucky with Joshua, I remember when he first asked (because Mommy has a sailor mouth) and I said “those are bad words that we shouldn’t say and mommy has to work on not saying them too” and that’s all I said. And he was never attracted to them at younger ages but now they’re very enticing. Though he won’t say them in front of me. Away from me is anyone’s guess.

    Now with Alex being two and a parrot, I REALLY have to watch my mouth. Or he’ll be running around the house screaming and laughing “SHIT! SHIT! SHIT!”

    That’s why I like thomas the tank engine and spongebob. They come up with curse words that kids like and can use and I TRY to use them though I don’t remember. “Bouncing Boilers” and Spongebob and his “BARNACLES!!!” crack me up.

    “Crisis” … heh heh…

    1. I used to have the same mouth. And it took a bit of concentration to curb my tendencies. God Bless America is one of my favorites. Heat of the moment things slip. A barf mugging this morning took me by surprise. I did not say Holy Gosh as I’ve heard Eamon also say.

      1. http://youtu.be/y75ERqdjmHE

        It’s Hilarious. Annoying at first but keep watching, it will grow on you and so will Fred! Eimon might like it, I don’t know if his sense of humor is the same as Joshua’s or not. Cute movies. He’s got three in all.

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