Being a mother, the primary caregiver, and a creative as well, I have come up against such emotional backlash when it comes to being true to both jobs at the same time. I still struggle with not letting my fear of being unavailable for my children be a reason to keep me from doing things. Or the excuse.

I am beginning to understand that there has always been a scary undertow that keeps women from blooming. It is supported by the world’s beliefs s that we continue to suppress ourselves. But our children would flourish and aspire to loving their lives if we showed them what that looked like.

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing needs to be enough. Being completely present in each moment, whether that moment contains you paying full attention to the needs of the child or yourself, is our key to mastering the trust of our momentary decisions. It needs to be the exact thing you should be doing and it needs to be enough.

Each moment we spend with our children when we intentionally pay attention to them, needs to satisfy their needs. Whether that’s listening or disciplining them. And then we can suspend our guilt when we take care of our needs because we’re modeling self-parenting for them. We are showing them self-care and self-respect.

I wrote a Creative Mother’s Manifesto almost three years ago which I’d love you to read if you feel there are still words you need to express your frustration about being in that place in between mothering and creating. And there are three interviews I did with immensely talented creative women as well as Mothers listed below. Let me know what you think about this subject.

Q & A With Creative Momma Megan Gray

Suzonne Stirling – Uber-Creative and Stylist and Mom : Q & A

Q & A with Anna Lovind, Sage and Creative Guide

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