My ever busy brained child brought home a strip of yellow paper last week. And exclaimed it was his Santameter. Formerly a centimeter ruler created in his second grade class, he had grabbed a pencil and only as he can do, began to write little words next to the twelfth day and down.

The Santameter tells us exactly where Santa will be delivering his goods on each day up to Christmas when he will show up at our house. Here’s what he told me was the schedule for Santa.

12 days out == Home aka North Pole

11 days out = Japan

10 days out = South Korea

9 days out = China

8 days out = Russia

7 days out = Egypt

6 days out = Amazon

5 days out = Mexico

4 days out = South Carolina

3 days out = Ohio

2 days out = Virginia

1 day out = Western Maryland

0 days out = Santa’s here !

Busy busy busy brained. Mark claims his brain is not that busy. Must get it from me. I say this is these are the fabulous brains of the future problem solver  of the world. And thank goodness he still hears the jingle of Santa’s sleigh bells.

Merry Christmas to all and I’ll see ya’ on the other side.

Signing off until next week.




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