What can you really say to express the wonder and amazement that is a new person. Eight years ago, my friend Terry gave me a little framed saying, “Babies are a nice way to start people”. They are made from nothingness and suddenly they’re living with you, confounding your daily existence with their needs absolutely. And you’re sold.

The little jokes and running silly baby names and games are what we love to create and I thought to give you a peek into my loony entertainment at Fiona’s expense.

The Attack Chair

This is the attack chair. Also known as the poopy chair for my wee one’s propensity to take care of her business in her pants whilst seated in said chair, it’s primarily known as the “Attack Chair” for its tendency to reach out and grab at your feet as you pass by. It’s those stabilizing bent wire legs that jut out. But you think it’s back further than it is. It has a taste for trip and a need to snigger at you when you trip on it.

my family

The little nick names we give the children are what we excel at. Eamon was Grammy’s cupcake and my Baby Lou. Now he’s Lou and sometimes Loulie. Alter evil ego is Loubert. And the three of us were Emu, Mamu, and Dadu. Silly and somehow extremely necessary. Not sure what Fiona will be but probably Fifu.

Daddy and Fiona half face

As of now, we’ve got a bunch of cute little names cooking for Fiona. There’s Barferella and Grumbelina. More unflattering, Senorita Spews A lot and Nitro Baby. Bridget Fidget and Grousy Mousy are my cute ones. And yesterday, Mark came up with Barfy Dorothy in response to some other one I can’t think of now. And then there’s Buttercup but we think that may be too long. Princess Buttercup, anyone remember?

If I could figure out how to play music here, I’d choose Sting’s All Four Seasons in One Day
because she’s had me guessing like a game show fool. Or sometimes she’s a good portion of the Seven Dwarves. Girls.

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  1. Grousy Mousy is my favourite! Pet names just never grow old do they?! I better not share mine n the Mr’s or you’ll never see us ion the same light again

    1. I think that’s my favorite too. I suspect you Smiffs of “Naughty Nurse and the Pirate” games and nicknames. But I’ve never actually seen you at all. And what happens at home, stays at home. Cheeky redheads have a built in need for fun, no?

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