Well, I already shared it with everyone on Facebook. I thought I might want to go ahead and share it with you my dear readers. orry to have neglected you. You Tube is a great idea and a pain in the buhunkis (sp?) to upload. But worth it. The video records what little babies are doing at the 3 month mark. Fascinating. Mark messed me up by clicking and recording at the same time. You can see her respond to his phone noises. Enjoy



  1. She looks like a very wise being who hasn’t yet figured out how to use words to express, but she is definitely well on her way. Love this kid! Have photos for you, just need to edit. Sweet!

    • Girls are supposedly different than boys. I did actually have to ask my boy to be quiet recently. He was making my head ache. So yes, here it comes, the tide of chatter. Thanks for being here dear Amy.
      ps. listening to Andrew Bird right now. Thanks.

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