The Forced March and the Madness of New Tech on

So we finally broke down and got a new car right before Christmas. We got the right price and it’s a Honda so it will last forever. Was I completely happy? Of course not. Go ahead and call me ungrateful. We could either get a new car or put money into the old one. HA! Yes, it’s a lovely smooth ride but there was no choice in color (they said they searched the tri-county area for my first choice of grey) and I despise black interiors.

And insult to injury, there are no more CD players in new cars. Dammit! Our entire CD collection has been made obsolete.

Then I promised my old phone to my son when his birthday came. Well his birthday came and I walked myself into the phone store to get my upgraded phone and do you think I’m happy with it? Nope.

We get used to what we have, be that a jalopy of a car or an outdated phone or a dysfunctional marriage. While change is inevitable and necessary, it doesn’t mean it’s easy or fun. 

As for the fancy new phone, a Samsung Galaxy S9 to be exact, after having it for a week, these are my problems:

  • The on switch is so stiff, it doesn’t even feel like a switch.
  • The calculator application gathers a paragraph of numbers and then stops accepting your additions when it’s full. As opposed to the old one which was a continuous line so you could check to see all the numbers were there. Had to download a whole other calculator app.
  • I can no longer take a picture by touching the screen. Although by chance, I did decide the volume button can be used as a shutter button.
  • The modes for the camera application are so twitchy that it seems wants to go into selfie mode constantly. Figures.
  • Without a case, which I purchased separately, the phone is super slippery and apparently made of glass so it breaks quite easily.
  • The downloads are so buried I had to use Google to find them.
  • Notifications on the home screen don’t have a direct link to their applications. Am still searching how to edit this.
  • I can’t search my emojis.
  • And there’s no frame option for the pictures. Again, I’ll have to use another app.The Forced March and the Madness of New Tech on

I use my phone to do a lot of picture-taking and daily Instagram posting. I had a system down for this that is now being interrupted. Eventually I will adapt another system but the adjustment period will be painful. Very painful.

So I told my son that I must really love him to be dealing with the jerky phone. And I hope he appreciates my old phone as I will be resentful for a while longer. Why don’t I just give him the new phone? Because it’s pink, that’s why.

Oh and my brand new car? I left the window down last night in the pouring rain. I never did anything like that with my old disgusting cars. Sigh.

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