Undeniably, we spend our lives alone. We are the only ones in our bodies, in our minds, and in our souls. Our family and friends will love us but they will always think of themselves first. It’s just humanity in action. We are loyal to preserve ourselves.

Yet, we are also pack animals. We need to be in community, to be witnessed and heard by our fellowship. To hear that we are in fact not alone. That we aren’t the only ones feeling this way.

Leave me alone but hold me.

Stay away from me but I’m lonely.

Love me but don’t get too close.

It costs your soul a high price to stay alone. I spent a lifetime of searching for partners only then using them to hurt myself. It was a lonely hard life where I perpetually gave up on myself. And I decided that it was harder to perpetually give up on myself then to give myself a chance. And I gave myself a chance to be happy even if I didn’t think I was worth it.

The alone zone on Shalavee.com

Now I have a huge community which I don’t even give myself credit for. I love to exchange ideas with like-minded people and my blog and Instagram posts allow me that privilege. And recently, I’ve been having prophetic community dreams. I think I am giving myself the high sign that it’s time to come out of hiding. Time to stop being alone and circle my wagons with others for some meaningful work.

Alone time is good and necessary for me when I need to ponder and work through stuff but then team work makes me feel truly alive and part of something bigger than me.

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