Me and my fellow 100 Day Project participants have just passed the halfway mark in this challenge. And the project feels like a living organism and I am along for the ride it is giving me. Yet I’m feeling a calm come over me. It’s the knowledge that I am good for my word. My inner child has been able to play every day for nearly two months. That is a noble and worthy attempt.

The fact that you have a given task to create allows for you to not debate over “if” but allows for you to further decide the when of your task and “how” it will take form. I may grab a few objects to draw in advance but sometimes I am inspired to grab something. Like my drawings of Baby bunny and the dollar bill.

The other really interesting offshoot of this somewhat lonely project is all the people who are now watching my daily progress. Random people from all facets of my life keep telling me that they are fascinated by my objects. That drawing everyday objects seems to somehow be compellingly simple yet has deeper meaning.

To see the first three weeks post, go here.

To see drawings 14 through 33, go here.

So as 100 Days of Shalagh continues (that’s my personal hashtag, #100DaysofShalagh), I am also hosting a thirty day creativity challenge during June. The Our Creative June Challenge is a great way to put yourself to the task of creating every day and perchance making a habit of it. But also, there’s a lovely community that comes along with it provided you post pictures of your work on Instagram and add the hashtag #OurCreativeJune. All skill levels of art and technology are welcome.

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    • I thought that exact thing. Am in process of finding the place but I think I already know the gal!

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