Upon doing a bit of research on myself two months plus ago to see if I thought I was capable of carrying through with a hundred day challenge, I saw that I’d forgotten why this was even more true and I was positively capable. I’d participated in back to back challenges yes which totaled 100 days. But I’ve also hosted a few creative challenges on Instagram myself.

Our Creative June on Shalavee.com

One I hosted in May of 2017, #OurCreativeMay, led me and the participants to create the hashtag #OurCreativeSelves . And since I’m already in for the penny and the pound with this 100 Day Project, I thought why not share the fun with everyone else. Because the community connection and communications around our creative endeavors brings the healing circle of the creative process full circle.

So starting on June 1st, I invite anyone who feels like they need a jump-start in their creative process to join me for the Our Creative June creativity Challenge. One day at a time, create something and post a picture of it on Instagram with the hashtags #OurCreativeJune and #OurCreativeSelves and tag me @shalaghhogan if you’d like.

Our Creative June on Shalavee.com

You can make one thing and post it the next day as long as you are doing a daily creation. The other trick is to make it simple at first. Make a vignette and take a picture. Stitch a couple of cross stitches. Or collage a couple of scraps of paper. It’s the trust of knowing you are devoting time to you that’ll blow you away.

I look forward to hearing from you and joining our collective creativity for a fun-filled June. You can message me on any of the platforms or leave me comments here on the blog. If you are unfamiliar with Instagram and more comfortable with Facebook, let me know and I’ll make efforts to work with you to keep the connection going.

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  1. I’m going to try again to do the creative June. I actually did about six or seven drawings of shore birds in May, so I’ll keep going. Thanks for all of your encouragement and sharing of your creative work. The latest sketches of yours are so soft, feminine, and wonderful.

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