Back in April I started something I had previously believed was impossible for me. I began a 100 Day Challenge. I am doing a sketch a day with pencil and pastels on a 4 x 6 card. I am using everyday objects as an homage to the ordinary everyday experience that we all have in common. And I’m actually on day 76!

I knew I could do this challenge based on my previous Summer’s completion of the ICAD (index card a day) challenge which is two months long. And in fact, I decided to go ahead and do the ICAD challenge this year in addition to the 100 Day Challenge because it’s giving me a different medium to play with too. And just for good measure, I am hosting an Our Creative June #OurCreativeJune creativity challenge on Instagram for anyone who wanted to do something for only 30 days. I was already there!

The creation of something new is not accomplished

by the intellect but by the play instinct.”– Carl Jung–



I am sincerely grateful for all the enthusiastic creatives who turned me on to the concept of daily creation. Partly because it allowed me to regain trust with my inner creative 6-year-old. But I now truly appreciate the superpower that authentic creativity is. And having a supportive community to nurture this scary process is tantamount to your success.

On her blog Daisy Yellow, the host of the ICAD challenge Tammy had this to say about the feelings that come up within one of these long creative challenges in her recent post on 12 tips for success in an index-card-a-day challenge:

After the first 2 weeks there’s a very good chance that you’ll hit a plateau where you really have to push to stay on track. That’s the most difficult part!!! It takes time to get into the groove. But suddenly there will be a break-through and you will feel like it’s second nature to create something each day. That’s the goal, my friends, to incorporate a positive creative habit into your daily life.”

I have begun to truly understand my chosen medium of pencil and chalk aka pastels. I’d even say I’m developing confidence. And the collection of objects will make a truly interesting display once it’s completed my 100th day. I hope any and all of this has inspired you to dabble in something creative. And perhaps there’ll come a day when you as well can join in and see where it takes you. But meanwhile, thank you for cheering me on !

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