She said she was going to get “ All the Things” done while she was kid free. And I knew exactly what she meant. And now I realize why it felt so familiar. Both with my to do lists and in my creative endeavors, I fear “All the Things” are beyond what anyone needs to try to do. And I am overwhelmed and in a constant state of lack for pursuing this lie of accomplishment happiness.

All the Things on

Seems this is very much a Creative’s curse. We are excited by all the possibilities and want to see how each thing will add to our lives. All the thoughts, ideas, tidbits, inspirations, projects, collaborations, and goals are truly awesome by themselves. But grouped together, they suddenly become a swirling stormy pool of chaos that I find so easily sucks me in and pulls me under. And if the word “Should” is attached to them, they are double doomed.

Everything has merit until it all becomes too much. Then none of it matters. Because you wouldn’t know where to start. This state of affairs has possessed my mail program, my desktop, my craft room, my attic, and my garden. And I am beginning to get the sneaky suspicion that I have unconsciously masterminded it all this way to keep myself from actually making progress.

All the Things on

Why, you ask, wouldn’t I want to be making progress? Because progress may mean more visibility than I am comfortable with. More work, more responsibility, and more more more. So I am just making sure I have less by having more? Yup, it’s a system that didn’t work for my creative predecessors and fellow creatives, and definitely isn’t working for me.

So what do I do? Begin again to clear out the clutter and the cobwebs mentally and physically so that I can feel the ease of creating without the confusion. I believe that new ideas will always find you. That inspiration is right behind you. And that we have limitless amounts of talent to deliver up our unique vision to the world.

Every day is a good day to start over again. Let’s begin again. Read my earlier post on my Empty Box Method to get an idea on how to move and sort through your chaos.

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