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  • We’re All An Event Planner for Christmas

    We’re All An Event Planner for Christmas

    Since the season is about to be fully in gear for 2016 and I may need to keep my eyes on that road, I’m reposting some of my favorite past Christmas posts to keep you entertained if you are in need. Enjoy this wrap up from 2015! If you were told you’d been volunteered as […]

  • My Creative Process

    My Creative Process

    It was Kathleen Shannon of Braid Creative, in one her many wise creativity business coaching type emails, who suggested I didn’t have to be nervous about every creative job I took on. I already had a creative process but may just be unaware of. Stopped me dead. Because knowing and believing in this process I’ve […]

  • Half Way Through

    Half Way Through

    This is about half way through my “31 days straight of pretty picture posts” challenge. Wanted to take a moment to share where I am with this challenge. To say that this was one of the loopiest ideas I’ve had in a while would be saying it nicely. What the heck was I thinking? Oh […]