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  • Gaining Perspective by Giving Up for a Bit

    Gaining Perspective by Giving Up for a Bit

    By the time we left for our vacation a week ago, I was all done. I had been couped up in the house without a car for an entire week. And the extreme heat outside had made me feel like I was inside the lockdown again. Not cool. I no longer wanted to cook or […]

  • No More Time Off

    No More Time Off

    I’m officially done with Summer. I’m done with the heat. I’m done with the pushy little girl I live with. I’m done with children in the house. I need time and spaciousness to myself so that I can embrace the beautiful things that reside in me awaiting their freedom. We had some moments, Summer and […]

  • Here and Happy

    Here and Happy

    Perhaps guided by some previous words of the year, Release (ease) and Trust, my days have been devoid of push and rush. Thankfully, the anxieties of the past lives have melted into the abyss. A combination of happily being on anti-depressives and a discussion about self-hatred with my therapist which brought me back to the […]

  • Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

    Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

    My sister lives in Rhode Island and purchased a house with extra rooms five years ago with the intention of having us come visit. But until this year, we hadn’t. My daughter was too small and then there were Summer camps. We didn’t have the right vehicle and then she just came and visit us […]

  • A Bump in My Summer Road

    A Bump in My Summer Road

    I need to share a little bump in my road that happened at the end of the school year that I had to recover from. On top of having all the end of year concerts and recitals and parties, a mix-up at the pharmacy led to an unintentional cold turkey off of my new anxiety […]

  • To Be at Home at Home

    To Be at Home at Home

    My rather pregnant friend and I were having lunch last month, she was free of her two year-old and me of my five year-old, and the freedom of having lunch together outside of our houses made us giddy. And I said that sometimes I feel like I’m a different person outside my home. And she […]

  • Summer 2018 Continues

    Summer 2018 is rolling out in a leisurely fashion. It started out at a run when we went straight to the beach the weekend after school let out. But that ended up being a great thing for all of us to be put into the official Summer mode. I’ve allowed myself to sleep or lay […]

  • Your Brain Needs a Vacation Too

    Your Brain Needs a Vacation Too

    I asked the deli lady how her staycation was. She said it was nice but not long enough. I said we Americans don’t get enough time off. But that may be slightly untrue. We get weekends and quite a few holidays to have sufficient time off. But as a nation, I think we possibly don’t […]

  • Summer ’16 Continues

    Summer ’16 Continues

    We’ve been at this Summer thing for about a month and a week. And thankfully it has felt less laborious as previous Summers. I have better self-esteem than I used to so I’m not rushing to see all the bad things about to befall me. These things will or won’t befall me but at least […]

  • Why Our 2016 Summer Vacation Didn’t Suck

    Why Our 2016 Summer Vacation Didn’t Suck

    For a long time, I resented you and your family vacation. I didn’t really have a quintessential family growing up, think broken home and raised by wolves, and there were no vacations to be remembered. Your pictures of yearly fun at the seashore and by the lake house were just a reminder of my lack […]