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  • Whether to Reward for Actions or For Our Love of Them

    Whether to Reward for Actions or For Our Love of Them

    A discussion arose between me and another member of my family about how to reward children and, perhaps, people in general. He contended that people should be rewarded for their efforts. And I stand for the idea that people should be rewarded for their character out of love. Many people are currently rotten parents to […]

  • Labor of Mom Love

    Labor of Mom Love

    My sister asked if I had any plans for the day. I said nah, I’m not doing anything. Just my regular stuff, no big deal. And she says, I would say you do a lot of stuff and a big deal. And I realize that I just belittled myself and all the hard work I […]

  • Fear Makes it Worse

    Fear Makes it Worse

    We are all experts on our own fear. We have developed a close and intimate relationship with our fear through the years. We should know what makes us quake, run away, and hide. We avoid, deny, and perfectionistically talk ourselves out of all the right stuff to keep us safe. Except, fear also makes us […]

  • He Gave Up On Me, So I Did Too

    He Gave Up On Me, So I Did Too

    My Dad left our house when I was little. I visited him on designated weekends. He wasn’t particularly cuddly but I was wanted. In fact, he wanted to own me. Until he gave up. And because children believe that how they are treated is what defines their worth, I wasn’t apparently worth it. So I […]

  • Love and Fear

    Love and Fear

    After my blog homework is done, I often pop in and out of the interwebs riding a whim or a tickle of interest. Like a butterfly, I alight and gather some dew from the flowers I find. And last week, I landed at a post by a blogger named La Toya Burton of twelve22design which […]

  • Different Kinds of Love

    Different Kinds of Love

    Each love we experience adds to our repertoire of love skills. Different kinds of love create layers in our understanding of our worth. Each love is a gift. A work of art we have yet to see. Puppy love is newborn love. About me, complete me. Love me love. Devoted crush giddy gush. First Love […]

  • First There Was Us

    First There Was Us

    I want to show you a story. And it starts with a boy and a girl. Here’s the boy. He’s a Peach. Here’s the girl. They meet on a friend’s sailboat on a tributary of the Chesapeake Bay on a March day. Hearts and flowers. A house is bought. A proposal is made. And a […]

  • Another Ten Facts You May Not Know About Me

    Another Ten Facts You May Not Know About Me

    It’s time again for factoids you may or may not know about me.(Missed the first round? See it here.) Because, even though you read my blog and feel you know me, do you really? 1)    Colored lights on my Christmas tree are against my religion. A white light base with a colored light string in […]