I want to show you a story.

And it starts with a boy and a girl.

me, him, and us 001

Here’s the boy. He’s a Peach.

Bally and Us 001 - Copy

Here’s the girl.

me, him, and us 001 - Copy (2)

They meet on a friend’s sailboat on a tributary of the Chesapeake Bay on a March day.

us 001 - Copy

Hearts and flowers.

us 2 (3)

A house is bought. A proposal is made. And a wedding is planned.

us 001

Because weddings are made of cash. Want to see what it bought us?

Tune into Shalavee on our Anniversary. Tomorrow.


    • Hah, I didn’t mention the part where we suffered bad marriages for a really long time before we found each other. It’s all in the telling. Or in the showing as the month of pretty posts asks of me.
      Thank you so much Michelle.

    • Soon you will see, I am a collage artist. Thanks for your enthusiasm. I need it.

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