Each love we experience adds to our repertoire of love skills. Different kinds of love create layers in our understanding of our worth.

Each love is a gift. A work of art we have yet to see.

Puppy love is newborn love. About me, complete me. Love me love.

Devoted crush giddy gush.

2534509_orig Emily Jeffords oil painting illustrating First Love on Shalavee.com
Oil painting by Emily Jeffords

First Love gives us the purest high from Love. A stay in hotel Shangri La. Esteem condensed and soaring.

A purpose, a joy, a reflection we see. Our best selves forever.

258241_orig Emily Jeffords oil painting illustrating  Unrequited Love on Shalavee.com
Oil painting by Emily Jeffords

Unrequited love gives us complete grief. The heartbreaking feeling of being denied love’s promised end.

Bitter, poignant, and justifiably dramatically wronged.

wirecreations2 wire chandelier by Emily Jeffords to illustrate  pet love on Shalavee.com
Wire sculpture by Emily Jeffords

Pet love gives us tenderness, unconditional love, devotion.

Pure innocence, vulnerability, and a sense of being God-like and almost unworthy.

BelowMyFeet Emily Jeffords collage on wood by Emily Jeffords to illustrate Married Love on Shalavee.com
Collage by Emily Jeffords

Married love gives us a travel mode. A go-to easy-chair kind of love.

Comfort and back-up when needed. A friend. A mate.

TotheStillness7 Emily Jeffords original oil painting to illustrate Baby Love on Shalavee.com
Oil painting by Emily Jeffords

Baby Love is a clean slate on which we can be our best.

A chance to be self-less and complete winners as much as complete failures in the span of one morning.

Dreamy state, Purity, and hope.

Or a devastating sense of unworthiness

  to receive their smallest forgiveness.

AppalachianAfternoon Emily Jeffords collage on wood to illustrate Child Love on Shalavee.com
Collage by Emily Jeffords

Love for a child is the easiest to feel, defies perfection. Children are the best teachers for Self Love.

A purposeful, unsucky reason to be on earth. Self love again.

GraceintheWindssm Emily Jeffords oil painting to illustrate Self Love on Shalavee.com
oil painting by Emily Jeffords

Self Love is easy and hard work.

Faith in the inalienable right to be loved,valued, to exist.

It allows happy and sad to come and go.

Self Love is permission to laugh and friend at will, and to draw each breath as reverently as if it were your last.

A huge thanks to Emily Jeffords for allowing me the use of her fabulous artwork. Visit her blog and studio at EmilyJeffords.com.

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