Last weekend, we took the opportunity to leave the house with the children (if we have to) and went to an event at the Outstanding Dreams Alpaca farm here in Caroline county. I’ve taken Eamon there before and he really enjoyed these odd and peaceful creatures. This time, we had Fiona with us, lover of all animals. She giggles at squirrels and fearlessly approaches horses and sticks her fingers up their noses.

Fiona spotted the alpaca at the Outstanding Dreams Farm on
Fiona's smile at the Outstanding Dreams Farm on
outstanding dreams farm on
Fiona at the Outstanding Dreams Farm on
Cornbox play at the Outstanding Dreams Farm on
Cornbox play at the Outstanding Dreams Farm on
Eamon on a pony ride at the Outstanding Dreams Farm on

The event happens every year and featured antique cars, a bouncy ride, pony rides (Eamon’s nervous he’ll fall off), a cornbox, and vendors selling their wares. Highland Creamery from Oxford had a Scottsman scooping ice cream. So it was a quick and happy visit to hang out on a farm with fellow humans and a bunch of soft furry alpacas.

The Outstanding Dreams Farm on

Alpaca wool was being spun into yarn and dyed right there on the path in and out. So soft and warm and so not itchy. And animals are dear and only have one row of teeth so there’s no biting to fear. The owners are the sweetest nicest kindest people. We’ll venture out at least this time next year when their event happens again.


  1. Lovely place and animals! And honestly, I could stare at Fiona’s adorable face all day! (I know I get to see the best of her days). I love Eamon’s smile as he reaches to pet the alpaca. (I was always afraid of falling off ponies when I was a kid – bikes too).

    • The two of them are a mess. Happy neurotic photogenic kids. That’s what I’m busy raising. Thanks Dawn!

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words! We are very happy to hear that you & your family enjoyed our festival. It is this kind of response that makes all our hard work worthwhile.

    • Oh Yay Ms. Vickie and Mr. Phil! Did you see that Phil was in the picture while Fiona was smiling at the alpacas? Christina Lippincott is my fiend and thanks to you getting here help, I was aware of the festival. So gald you are making your dream come true and sharing it with the rest of us. You seem to be picking up steam.
      And your welcome. Feel free to use any pictures or copy if you like.

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