This past weekend, my husband and I had the pleasure of creating the “special” for the special event service auction fundraiser at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Easton to which we belong. This may have been the fifth special event I’ve decorated here plus various potlucks through the years.

Anchors away auction on Shalavee.com


wheel scape front of room


Anchor on curtain on Shalavee.com

A service auction is where community members donate goods or services and these are then auctioned off with the profits going to the church. I donated Help For the Hapless Hostess. Mark donated a round of golf. Many throw dinner parties, offer bed and breakfast packages at their waterfront homes, and there’s a crabbing trip and a plane ride over the region. It’s a wonderful way to get to know other community members and have fun doing so.

close up tablescape


straight through angle during auction

This years theme was “Anchors Away” and I was told that the anchor was what needed emphasizing so that’s just what I did. I made a pattern out of wrapping paper and then cut it out of velvet. Then I ironed it onto my curtain with fuseable webbing. Perhaps I’ll post those pictures at another point.

side window curtains and lanterns

The curtains are a new item being offered by Mark’s company, On Your Mark Lighting Design and Equipment, so we thought this would be a great opportunity to get pictures of them in use. We sent them twelve feet high and then hung the nautical feeling lanterns with jute rope.

tablescape with yellow lantern


Mark used his water affect lights and LED uplights all in blue to give a water feeling. And I collected up as many nautical themed objects as I could for the tablescape in the main table. Food and wine was all donated as were our services and efforts so that all the profits could go to the church.

hallway flags and Colleen


Me and Fiona on Shalavee.com

We have a very kind and welcoming and generous community. And we are always glad and proud to contribute our talents to the cause. Plus we get to make the event truly Special. And Fiona said the cookies at this party were fantastic!

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  1. The lighting on those curtains is wonderful. And this pic really shows off your anchor. Table scapes look great too. Well done team Hogan. P.S. That plane ride sounded grand!!

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