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  • The Why Will Tell the How

    The Why Will Tell the How

    I started my blog, Shalavee.com , to have a place to hone my writing skills. I rose to the challenge to write and post regularly. For several years, I even posted every day in October just to prove it could be done. I have loyally provided regular new content to my readership three times per […]

  • Chaos is comfortable to me

    Chaos is comfortable to me

    After much thought about how to make more time in my schedule to be creative, I decided that I’d approach life more proactively again. I’d schedule meals, blog posts, and laundry so I could write more. And what happened was that I experienced more ease. You have less to do and you get more done. […]

  • The Hurry, Scurry, and Worry

    The Hurry, Scurry, and Worry

    I became so tired of the hurry, scurry, and worry. As I read blog posts and Instagram posts about how people had experienced adrenal gland burn out from all the anxiety juice they were pumping into their bodies, I understood even more my own addiction to Doing. In my case, the anxiety manifested into stomach […]

  • Knowing Myself Will Connect Me To You

    It continuously occurs to me that the better I know myself, the better I can understand my value to the world and to you whoever you might be. When I connect with me I can connect with you. And becoming myself is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. I envy those […]

  • A Poem Prayer for Ease

    A Poem Prayer for Ease

    I chatter at it and Batter at it and still it is not fixed. The ages old self-diatribe I am not enough, I am not enough I tell everyone, I’m OK, I’m fine But in my mind there’s a line And I’m on the wrong side. The impossibility of moving on Tethered to a ghost. […]

  • Looking For Ease is Hard

    Looking For Ease is Hard

    I am never sure what easy looks like but I know I have’ t lived it yet. Why have I made life so hard? Because it’s what I knew. When things were hard, there was pain and somehow pain substantiates life. But recently, as I’ve focused on just being here now and doing what I […]

  • Christmas Ease : $15 Trees and Fried Chicken Picnics

    Christmas Ease : $15 Trees and Fried Chicken Picnics

    You must know, I’ve been waiting for writing inspiration to strike me recently. Like inspiration was a possible thunderbolt and I’m posing as the lightening rod. And nothing. Until today when the simplest choices turned out to be the big thoughts I was waiting to catch. The Christmas tree tradition was a big deal growing […]

  • It’s OK To Be OK

    I was having a happy streak for a couple of days. Maintaining a general state of well-being, feeling more Ease than usual. And suddenly I thought, it’s OK to be OK. Now this may sound absolutely silly but coming from my background and having rewritten a good bit of my story up to now, this […]