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  • What Would Make My Life a “Success”

    What Would Make My Life a “Success”

    What do you do? The answer to this question implies your worth and productivity to the world. This question is why you stopped going to events where there might be strangers. Because you aren’t certain that there’s an answer you can provide that will bring satisfaction to you and them. But what if we stopped […]

  • “Do You Work?”, He Asked

    “Do You Work?”, He Asked

    I finally scheduled the procedure to have a fatty lump taken off my belly this week. I’ll spare you the gory details. But while the surgeons had the scalpel poised over my belly, he asks me, “Do you work?”. I said not in a traditional job but I do work. “Are you a housewife?”, he […]

  • Recognizing Your Superpowers

    Recognizing Your Superpowers

    I am of the opinion that everyone has superpowers. Skills that they possess that they are truly good at. Inklings from childhood about ourselves that are waiting to be retrieved from under our beds. But somehow our humanity convinces us that we should be good at all sorts of things other than what we are […]

  • Epiphanies


    I have had a few epiphanies recently on what my life may yet have to include. And they happened on a treadmill at the YMCA. The first was a new aspiration to do public speaking. I was sparked with this concept when I read ,”Writers should speak “. I have plenty to say apparently. And […]

  • Getting Out Of My Head & On With My Life

    Getting Out Of My Head & On With My Life

    For a long time, I’ve been waiting to say it. To state what it is I need to say. Knowing that once it’s said, I can move on. And I’ve avoided even daring to think about what it is I need to say. Avoiding taking the time to sit down and let it tumble out […]