I am of the opinion that everyone has superpowers. Skills that they possess that they are truly good at. Inklings from childhood about ourselves that are waiting to be retrieved from under our beds. But somehow our humanity convinces us that we should be good at all sorts of things other than what we are good at. And we no longer recognize ourselves.

In an effort to reclaim myself, I have made a habit recently of exclaiming out loud when I use of my superpowers. I recognize these following actions as being some of my superpowers.

I believe that knowing what I’m not only good at, but what I like myself while I do, is the key to choosing a purposeful joyful path. I will not put myself to things that I think I should do. But rather, I will choose tasks and projects that intrigue me and make me happy. Life should just be that simple.

I also understand that many people choose careers when they’re younger that seem to be wise moneymaking choices. And they find themselves stuck in a career path that makes them miserable. Each person must find their way through to their happiness. Joy is a key of life and health. If that means taking a few years to retrain for another career during night school, hopefully your daydreams of who you’d like to be can lead you to your superpowers.

In the end, your worth lies in who you are and not what you do. But being a super you comes from figuring out what you love yourself for when you are doing it. And then taking that and doing it as often as you can. For me, it’s all about community and listening and authenticity and creativity. What’s your ideal combination?

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