I have had a few epiphanies recently on what my life may yet have to include. And they happened on a treadmill at the YMCA. The first was a new aspiration to do public speaking. I was sparked with this concept when I read ,”Writers should speak “. I have plenty to say apparently. And people are often moved and inspired by a powerful speaker. So if you want to truly affect people, you should say something compelling enough out loud to move them.

I listened to a seminar on the subject, took notes, and wrote out my topics. Now to just get down to the actual speech writing. And practice it. And find a venue to pay me. 2016.

Meanwhile, this past week I realized that what I think I might love to do for fun and connection is host a meet-up of like-minds. Ask and invite my dear readership and fellow beloved bloggers to join me in a chatty-get-to-know-one-another and support-one-another type of thing.

Fiona and Eamon playing nicely from Shalavee.com

So I’ll put it out to you, understanding that many may be rather far away to attend, and say, what do you say? Would you like to get together and meet up with like-minded peeps? What would that look like? What might you want to gain support or even accountability for. Is this a potluck, a restaurant back room, or lunch hour? What do you think? I have been tickled and flattered at the amount of people who have told me they really liked what I was saying and how I was saying it. Often they tell me in an almost guilty pleasure kinds way like they shouldn’t be. Well I wouldn’t be writing what I do if I minded you reading. And I truly value and appreciate every lovin’ word you’ve handed me back.

So think about it and get back to me. If you know me, email me. If you’re on Facebook, post or message me on the Shalavee Facebook page. If you can leave a comment here, please do. Find me and tell me what you think. I can’t wait to hear back from you.



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And, as always, Thanks to you for your visit.


  1. Hi Shalagh! I think you as a public speaker would be wonderful to listen to – both in words and the way you would deliver. I know it’s easy to be the one saying “Do it!”, but I really can see you doing this. Also, I’m too far away to attend a meet up, but I think it’s a great idea to meet and share in person. It’s so nourishing! I like your idea of a back room – some food & drink, but also some privacy for real talk – even some note taking and sharing. I don’t know…hope it happens for you, though! Yay to 2016! xo

    • Thank you so very much Dawn ! That means so much to me. We go from “I couldn’t possibly” to “that might be cool” to “yes it’s exactly what I need to do”. Public speaking is one of THOSE activities that you’d avoid like the plague. But somehow I agree with you. Building my tough outer shell here. And killing more time until Fiona is bigger. I’d love to have a meet up with the Canadian and Pacific Northwest contingency. Wouldn’t that be electric. So a million thanks and kisses for taking a moment to write this. It means the world.

  2. It’s a grand idea! And like Dawn, a bit far away to attend. Unless you work out that Pacific Northwest thing, of course! As to public speaking…been there & done that. A fair amount. It’s the idea of fellowship, the exchanging of ideas and experience that is appealing. And I think you would do well as you have a way with words and expressing ideas. Plus you’re a natural in front of the camera (eg: house tour)which is at least 75% of the speaking battle. Go for it!!

    • I am intrigued as to what you did for public speaking. I think it will be a hoot if I’m talking about stuff I care about. I really truly appreciate your support Shannon. And I am almost amused that the stuff I was saying I’d never do even a year ago, now makes complete sense. Husband says, I suggested an ebook last year but you poopooed it. Yes I say, I wasn’t ready.

      • I gave a few “sermons” at the church I attended; spoke about the annual stewardship drive for four years; gave several presentations to assorted groups (sales force, upper management) during my tenure as credit manager. Ran training sessions for “my” AR/AP group over the years. Except for a couple of the “sermons” and one of the stewardship drives, it was never anything I was passionate about. And to some extent, I think it’s easier when you start NOT to be too invested in your topic.

  3. I would love a meetup — I think I need a date on the calendar to make it happen.
    I would love a regular monthly date with like minded people to bounce ideas off and garner strength and confidence.
    As for public speaking, I cringe at the thought but I think you would be a natural. Put it on the calendar and do it!!

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