Have you noticed there’s a superhero theme going on everywhere. The Summer reading program at the library was superhero themed. I read two blog posts recently on the concept of superheros and I often ask myself, What would I do right now to be my own hero? Deepok Chopra even wrote a book a few years back called The Seven Spiritual Laws of Superheroes : Harnessing Our Power to Change the World. That ought to be a really interesting read.

Superhero Origins on Shalavee.com


If you are not familiar with the recipe of a superhero, there’s usually an origin story that gives the hero motivation to go and do what he does. Good guys and bad guys alike are driven by their backstory to fight, to make a difference. In terms of reality, fight might translate to succeeding in a business or championing a cause. To have a driving passion to do whatever you do because of something that happened to you.

Trying hard to uncover my “brand” has asked me to look at my past and my roots and consider my story of origin. My whys that have brought my passions about. I notice that much of this I am not allowed to tell.  It’s the aninimity of the players I grapple with and so I don’t feel allowed to have a story. But I do have one because what has happened to me has undoubtedly shaped me.

Superhero Origins on Shalavee.com

The more you understand yourself and the why of what you are choosing to do, supposing that it’s not someone else’s plan for you, the more you can simplify your actions and distill yourself to your basic purpose. Because you have a specific history, you will make choices based on this to further your cause. Some fight for justice and some help people hope. Some like to create beauty to ease the ugliness and some take something painful and turn it into something beautiful for others. These are all superhero purposes with real origins often rooted in pain.

My first thought was how alone I’ve felt. How confused and hopeless I have felt in moments surrounding my journey’s choices, my abusive first marriage, becoming a Mom, creating, and writing. At times, such angst and horror and despair for such a tender heart. And I have such compassion for young women experiencing these feelings in these same situations. And for women with postpartum depression. And for creative gals with low self-esteem because I have been all these people.

So this is me figuring out my back story. And trying to comprehend if our issues are what make us interesting. What in your life has shaped or driven your motivations and direction? What has given you your drive, passions, and purpose? And what purposeless thing are you continuing to do that you can just throw right out with the smelliest garbage?

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