If you were with me last year here on Shalavee, you may remember my crazy post each day for a month stunt. The theme was pretty pictures. And it was nearly the death of me when, in the middle of that nonsense, I found out I was nominated somehow for the best Family blogs by Moms on the Circle of Moms.com site. Yes I reached #36. It was a hard battle because asking for people to support and vote for me does not come easily. So first, please do not tell me if I’m nominated again. I can’t take the stress of asking for people to like me now. But second, if you haven’t noticed, I’m going ahead and posting every day as much as I can for this month. Because why not? So keep you eye’s peeled as I have a bunch of different sorts of posts coming. And please, if you can’t read them all, don’t feel guilty. Read when and what you can and delete the rest. My blog and I do not want to keep you a hostage. I will keep writing, you read what you can. OK?

Blogger Meetup info link

Meanwhile, I’m two weeks out from my first Eastern Shore Bloggers Meet-up . Conceived of and organized by moi, I’m kinda nervous but I know that even if three people come, we will connect and talk and feel cheered and that’s the purpose. I wanted to feel sad today when I realized that I’d missed a deadline to get the word out. I decided that there are always first events and the word spreads and the second event is a little more meaningful. That’s the way I’m rewriting that story. I am not rally good at any of this promotional stuff believe it or not. It’s a science and I’m an artist. But my heart is always in the right place.

the river from the heritage center on shalavee.com

So keep your eyes peeled for the next post from the grab bag and if you live on the Eastern Shore aka Delmarva, and you know someone who would enjoy the bloggers meet-up, let them and/or me know about the meet-up.

Love to you and yours from me and mine,



  1. Good luck with your bloggers meet up! Myself and 3 other bloggers managed to do that annually for 3 years running, until new babies and businesses got in the way. But it was an amazing experience and those friendships are still running strong. One of the best perks of this journey, ever!

    • Thank you for your well wishes Suzonne. I have had two women become my dear friends too from a meet up endeavor several years go. I thought it was time to expand and offer support to other people and see what would come of it. We are kind of isolated in a way here. The meeting people part is so important. So glad to have your occasional eyeball.
      Love to you and yours!

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