Hear ye, hear ye, if you hadn’t heard, in the month of October in the year of twenty thirteen, Shalavee will be live for 31 consecutive days of pictures.

Every day there will be something to look at.

pretty pictures

There are some things I just haven’t gotten around to fiddling with. They’ll be here. There are pictures of work, my house, and art from the past. They’ll be here. And pictures of my former shop, Bally Eden, I’m planning to drag those out too. Pretty much all the bits of me that you may have heard about and not seen, I’m planning on showing and ceasing the tell.

I appreciate your loyalty. This is supposed to be an opportunity to step up to some stuff I haven’t made the effort to do yet. And I need you to be out there so I can be accountable to you for this crazy stunt. Because if I can do all of this, you’ll be a lot closer to seeing the real me. And that is a good thing, as Martha says. Stay tuned, October’s coming.


    • I like that you end up being that kinda gal Amy. Thank you for your support!

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