I was feeling inevitably untethered in the first days of the New Year. I had produced an amazing heartfelt soulfulfilling holiday experience. And now it was time to pack it up and move on. I grieved for a little while and then I began to search for a way out. And what I found was a way to creatively look toward the new year: Mindmapping my upcoming year’s goals.

In my previous post A Little Post Christmas Blues , I said I’d show my work. Here’s the YouTube video that inspired me to do this. Her name is Taylor, she lives in Texas, and goes by Tattoedteacherplans on Instagram. She’s planner crazy apparently which I’m not but she’s doing what she loves!


I chose to skip whatever preliminary work she talks about. I was just stealing her format. But it was fun to listen to her discuss how she was thinking about her year and to watch the sped up film of her making the map.

My categories were Self/Health, Creative Play, Financial, Life Work/Career, and Spiritual. I listed those and took a couple days to fill in the ways in which I wanted to expand and grow in these areas. And the criteria was that I needed to feel good and hopeful and happy about everything I put on this map. Nothing that I felt I “should” do was going on there. And here’s the finished product.

Mindmapping my goals for 2020 on Shalavee.com

I was going to call this post “Nothing Changes on New Years Day (Unless You Want It To)” because honestly, that’s the truth. I get to decide what this year will feel like. I’m intuiting my life because doing what I think I should just messes me up. I am asking for help in the places I need it and will keep this map where I can see and stay on track with these intentions. I’ll keep you apprised as I tend them and grow with them. The goal is always to keep the doubts at bay and build the self-trust always.

Thank you for keeping an eye on me lovely people. Doing the best I can and am thinking that it’s pretty darn great!

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