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Last year, we got word that our neighboring house had been bought. The rumor was that these young gentlemen would be starting a bed and breakfast. One was a baker. “Cool” we thought. Our suppositions of the coolness paled in comparison to what has happened since. Rob and Steve are extraordinarily nice people. They have helped us immensely by being the kind of neighbors who can meet our kid’s bus when we suddenly can’t. They work tirelessly to create business opportunities and provide the same for the other businesses in town. And I swear in their year and a half here, they know way more people than I do after my 15 year residency.

After a lovely renovation, the Turnbridge Point bed and breakfast was opened this past Spring and has since gained much acclaim. This past August we happily assisted with our County’s first farm to table dinner set on their beautiful property.

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Steve Konopelski is not just a baker, he’s a patissier. Trained in the art of French pastry making, he often delivers his sinful leftovers to us via our driveway. We’re kinda spoiled. So when, at a special cocktail party, Steve and his husband Rob Griffith announced their big news that Steve was on TV in the Food Network’s Holiday Baking Championship, we were so happy for them.

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And again, they wanted the community to know that they felt this was an opportunity for everyone as the spotlight was about to shine down on our sleepy little town.

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I attended the viewing party for the first episode at our newly renovated Culinary school and Steve made it through the first round cut.

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Last night’s second viewing party at the pub up the street proved he made it through the next round. Only Steve, and probably Rob, knows how many more rounds he truly made it through. Here in Denton, we’re all rooting for #TeamSteve.

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Turnbridge Point has also been offering Sunday brunches and I was luckily and generously gifted a ticket to yesterday’s brunch.  Here’s some of the proof of the man’s cooking talents.

platefull of brunch at Turnbridge Point on


brunch at Turnbridge point on
cranberry and apple crumb top pie on
pumpkin chiffon pie at Turnbridge point on

And those pies, the cranberry and apple with a crumble topping and the pumpkin chiffon, are the two being offered up for holiday orders on the Turnbridge Point’s website. These were also the first two choices of pies Steve would have made in the Baking Championship’s first show had the ingredients not been grabbed from the pantry. Both were fabulous! And he said there’s one more brunch being offered in December.  I ate until I was fuller than full. Good Luck to you Steve and Rob!

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  1. I am a Holiday Baking Championship junkie. And it’s so incredibly exciting to “know” one of the competitors. Am rooting hard for Steve. That wreath last week was divine to look at (one of the drawbacks to not having him as a neighbor)and it was amazing to watch him. And we Denton just a wee bit closer, I’d be at that December brunch in a heartbeat!!

    1. Since we killed our cable, and I’m not up at the pub watching this weeks round, I’ll have to live vicariously through you Shannon. I thank you on Steve’s behalf. Find him on IG and follow him too.

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