I have a deep respect for fellow blogger Marg Hogan. She is one of a handful of women I met through the Blogging Your Way online course created by Holly Becker of Decor8. ‘Met’ is a loose term since she lives in Australia and I in the USA. She is a kindred soul of the visual and poetic kind. I dig her photography and her simple word accompaniments. I aspire to be this simple. Her posts are like wonderful mind snacks.


She posted a piece with so many pictures, it’s an art installation masquerading as a blog post. The subject was on an artists village called Hills End.

It’s called The Day the Artists Open Their Doors.


And she poses a question  about bravery to let go and define yourself as “artist”.

To make the artist you are your real job.  I wanted to share this lovely post everywhere.


Art and life are one. Voyeurism is allowed on this day. Snack with your mind on her pictures.

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    1. For reals Marg (not Marge)? How can I not get your amazing pictures? And your throwback musical references? And your enthusiasm for art, wine, life on your land, and wanderlust? You are a gem I’d like to share. If only I had more people to share you with.
      (Another Hogan half way around the world)

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