My e-course on blogging is coming to an end. The final homework project has hijacked my brain and time. And it’s all good. Styling has always been a love of mine. If you had the good fortune to visit Bally Eden, you know. I still seem to hoard items to “play” with. Again, I could style till the cows come home.

First display attempt

Seems though, that when faced with the prospect of doing it”for real”, I ran away from the thought for fear I wou.ldn’t be as good as others. As I thought I was. As I hoped to be. I don’t have a nice digital camera known as a DSLR. And I just let go of my film camera. Yet I oggle pictures, pin them profusely, and live inside my world wishing. A lot like the writing I held myself back from starting several years ago.

Middle style attempt

The homework was to take inspiration from a picture of something intentionally styled and then recreate it with my twist. Find the original on my Styling Board on my Pinterest page  Like the moodboard incident of the last Decor8 e-course, the process would prove long and painful. Perhaps because I was juggling a baby and Thanksgiving dinner with this one project. But mostly because it takes a million touches and edits before I get it just how I want it. I found it was like a sodoku puzzle. You could get one shelf right but then all three didn’t work together.


I have learned

  1. Styling projects will take as long as they take
  2. But it’s worth the pride in oneself to make the effort
  3. I love doing this
  4. I need a “real” camera
  5. I am a stylist who needs to practice to become better

I am sure I have learned a lot more than this but again, the e-course proved to be the catalyst moving me onto another thought place.

Change nothing and nothing changes.

Learning leads to self discovery.

And that is never a bad thing.

 I dare you to do something imperfectly today.

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    1. Life is a participatory endeavor. Living is an action. There’s a blogger I know of who asks people to intentionally make the ugliest thing they can make. Love that. I have found myself waiting for someone, anyone, to give me permission to create. About sick of that. Thanks for you comment anonymous person.

  1. I found the homework tough too! It took me ages to get a shot I was happy with, and I ended up scrolling through hundreds on my DSLR that were basically the same, thinking, “But why didn’t I just move the napkin a little to the left?”!

    Agree, though, it’s definitely worth all the effort for the learning and improving…

    1. Sabrina, you know the hundreds of pictures is what we aren’t used to expecting. And that is where we need to switch the knob. It is worth the extra 99 pictures to get the one. And at least you’ve got the camera. I don’t yet. Funny how much pickier I get when I look through the viewfinder though.
      Love to you and your little,

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